Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 14 - January 31st.

I have less than two years left so I will work hard and endure to the end. Time flies when you're out on the field.

Since our first transfer we got moved to the area of Ugong. We are still in the same Ward but just different area. 

So last week we started this new area and we don't know where any one lives and we always get lost. So we have really good opportunity to oym. 

On Saturday as we were trying to look for a less active we asked these guys where the LA lived. And they pointed inside their house and lets us in but it just so happens that it was the wrong guy who we didn't even know him. We just taught him a lesson of the Restoration. And he said we can come back and teach him!! 

The Lord works in mysterious ways. But he lead us to someone who needed to hear our message and our job is to find the lost sheep. So as we find the lost sheep we can receive guidance.

Cumusta po kayo? 

Cumusta araw mo?