Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 22 - March 30, 2016

This week we got a text message from one of our investigators and said that they don't want us teaching them anymore and the husband is a LA and the wife is an Investigator. 

So I felt like they are missing out in eternal salvation and they don't want to be saved. But sometimes this happens as a missionary we feel like the door was slammed shut and locked tight and that there is no one who wants the glory of God and as missionary it is our job to find the lost sheep and people have agency to choose but the choice is quite simple do you want eternal glory or captivity?

We have being teaching this housemaid for 3 weeks. she is working for an active member but she is being held back. Now she isn't really coming to church because her husband isn't familiar with our religion and doesn't really want her to attend until he does more research on our church. But the downfall is that he is always working and is never available for a lesson. But this week we finally taught him L1 and now he is interested and wants us to return again and that means that we can finally baptize him and his wife!!!!!!!! and he said he will come to church.

I still have my braces I wear them every day and night, I can buy some shoes or I can use the one from home.

 We don't need anything at the moment.   I wear a Large. 

We have 4 baptisms next month and I write in my journal every day.

Wow ,so the campaign is turning around thats good!! 

I heard about Belgium 5 days ago and Ben Oliphant and another person from PG High are serving there. 

Well the southern part of the Philippines has terrorists too and we have a lot of muslims in my area right now but they are mainly friendly. 

I think Belgium might be a little safer because they have a better economy. But so far here its being safe.

i might need bug spray an inhaler and taco seasoning.

Week 21 - March 20, 2016

So it was my Birthday this week one of the best presents for my birthday was my first baptism 1 day after my birthday and their name is the Tumangil family and we have 3 more upcoming baptisms.and also our total number of lessons this week is 33!!

Also I found out this week that you can kill rats with boiling hot water my kabahe(room mate) did it the other day and it worked. 

I LOVE MY NEW AREA!! No to mention that its a really big area and that there are maramie mga tao dito sa(many people here) San Jose Del Monte perdo its okay na lang. 

I can deal with a roach infested apartment now and not even care because I am so busy focusing and loving my new area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the people, I love the place its super clean and there are marami(many) mango and buko(coconut) trees and I am starting to understand people now,and also dito its really maganda(beautiful) it really helps having a Filipino companion. 
Love you Elder Frias!!! and also I am in the same area as Elder English and we play basketball together on p-day. 

And today was the first day i ate a Big Mac at Mcdonalds.

The word I learned this week is kapit bahay that means neighbor. 

Well ingat po kayo  

Week 20 - March 20, 2016

On March 30th I will be going to the Manila Temple and bring some stuff for Daniel to bring to you.
I love my new area its half providence half city my companion is funny and he is fillipino. His name is Elder Frias he is from Cavite.
(Answer to Dad's letter)

Wow that is something, Well at least you could get a lot of work done. Im good here I got transferred to San Jose Del Monte It's a really big area half providence half city there are 200 active members in our ward and some days we teach 7 lessons. We have 5 people with a baptismal date and one is coming up on March 19th. Its really handy to have a companion that speaks fluent Tagalog and im learning a lot already being around with him. At my apartment I am the only foreigner there, the rest are Filipino. But I am having a lot of fun in my area the people are good and its really beautiful here. 

How is it in America? How are you? Well I love you dad, take care.

I didn't get the package yet.

What does it mean to be a Providence?
It's like in america where like all the farm land like a land away from a city a really large area with land but now much of a city.

Do you have to walk? or do you have bike or cars?
Are there any dangerous animals?
No dangerous animals, nope we don't have any bikes or cars we just walk, take a tricycle or a jeepny

Early Birthday Celebration for Elder Driggs before leaving his first Area.  The Talagtag family gathered with the Mission leader of the ward and others members to celebrate!

Pictures from his New area San Jose Del Monte, new roommates and new apartment.