Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Week 15 - February 7th

Missionary work is good. We have had these less actives come to church 4 weeks in a row and so now they aren't less actives any more but we still teach them. 

It is really hot here and I am always sweating I'm starting to forget what snow feels like but I'm used to the weather now.   

This week I oymed 2 Americans 1 guy from Thailand and another person from Spain also of course I also oym Filipinos every day. 

We also are inviting a lot of people over for church and we have 2 less actives and we have a baptism this month. 
Also on Saturday, as we were looking for a less active we had this massive swarm of kids like 15 of them and they followed us all the way to the less actives apartment crazy right? 

  •  Kumusta po Kayo (how are you?) 
  • Kumusta araw mo?( how is your day?) 
  • Gusto mo ba asul? (do you like blue?) 
  • Gusto mo ba kambingan?(do you like goat?) 
  • Gusto mo ba araw?(do you like your day?) I
  • ngat po kayo alan ko po na sa pamamagitian ng aklat ni mormon tumuotangap po kayo ang pagsunod. (take care I know that through the book of mormon you will receive peace
We asked him about paying someone to wash his clothes.
No I don't really pay anyone to wash clothes. But I am paying some one to wash my clothes today. But its a lot of clothes like all my pants shirts and p-day clothes cuz right now all my clothes are dirty because I never have the time to wash them so my shirt isn't gleaming white any more.  Actually in this case, I am and the money I give him is going towards his mission because serving a mission for a Fillipino is really expensive so all my roommates pay him.

Well this past week I was walking and I oymed an American who married a girl from Spain and so I sort of oymed here in Spanish but I'm forgetting a lot because the Tagalog is taking over. 

Hey one of my favorite scriptures is Moses 1:39 "for behold this is my work and my glory to bring to past the inmortal and eternal life of man"

I love you too (pagmahal sa ating)

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