Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week 50 - October 16, 2016

I tried reading the Book of Mormon and the New Testament at the same time. But one thing with the Book of Mormon is that it teaches every principle in Preach my Gospel and its so easy to find these principles. Also the Book of Mormon is filled with information about the Atonement and I feel like when I read the Book of Mormon is really detailed in doctrine.
I cant put the book down I even try to read it before I go to bed. I found out that the Book of Mormon is powerful and it contains the fullness of the gospel in one chapter!!

It is important to teach investigators this book because it can change their lives because this book teaches about repentance in every page. So as we try to get people toward baptism the need to be clean before they step in to the waters and when the read this book they learn how to get prepared for baptism. Because only through baptism can we enter to the kingdom of god. And when they don't read this book they are missing the preparation for baptism. So this book is a really powerful tool in missionary work and I also learn that this book is special and its perfect.

That is what I learned during my personal study.

Also, I go on splits to oym and find people who need our message the flip flop lady wasnt availible but she said that we can come next week. So through our splits we can find lots of investigators and people to teach and thats our job here to invite others to come unto christ so the mission had really taught me that people have concerns and when you be nice to them the trust you and it makes you happy that you resolved their concern.

Tell me about your experience with the Typhoon

We are good we didn't experienced any typhoons

We didn't experence it, we just passed us but we did get a little bit of rain.

There is another Typhoon coming this week called Typhoon Haima.  It can turn into a Super Typhoon.

My ward name is Bagong Silang 2nd Ward. We don't have have an address.

I can't send pictures because my card has a virus.

My scripture is 2 Nephi 2 it talks about the word of wisdom if we obey the comandments of god we can have longer life.

We are teaching Bryan, Ilean, Samuel, Norman and Mary Ann.

Yes my Branch President is Brother Dimas.  I am next to my previous area but not in it, but yeah I am really close to my old area youp that is my church.

Answer to Dad:
Hey we are good here we go on splits every day and find people and stuff like that but we had a struggle investigators werent going to church because it rained really hard and yeah we only had one investiagtor at church

Okay, I love you mom thanks for everything.

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