Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 49 - October 9, 2016

Hey do you know Elder Schmutz talk? 
You know the story about the guy who lost his house and his family? and he became a Stake Patriarch. Well it just so happenes that the same guy is my companion's Stake Patriarch isn't that cool? 

My Week

Several days ago I was just walking by and I just so happened that I accidentally kicked off this sandal from someones foot and they didn't even notice until several seconds latter and then she saw me return her shoe and she was so surprised that I was an American and that I knew her language. 
Then, the group she was with, were really shocked just like her and then they started asking me questions which eventually lead me into teaching them the Book of Mormon and I said that God isn't just the God of Israel only but he is the God of this world and the Book of Mormon has God's dealings in the other side of the world. So I gave them 2 Book of Mormons and then I also got a return appointment on Tuesday and I think out of this group I can find a lot of investigators. But yeah this week has being successful and our finding efforts are increasing by splits and working with members

Also I steeped into a drug store and I was ordering medication and I started speaking Tagalog again and one of the guys next to me on the counter jaw dropped down for several seconds it was really funny. 

Also we have a member and we always throw his cat around like at a dog and its so funny they fight a lot. And he has a really crazy hyper dog.  I've never seen a hyper dog like this before its sort of weird.

While I waited for Elder Driggs to write his email I designed this poster as a way to represent the story he shared.  I am planning to frame it and hand it in this bedroom.

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