Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 18 - February 29th, 2016

How are you guys?  How is your day?  What is going on in America?
I Already eating healthy, for breakfast I have oatmeal with canned fruit, lunch hotdogs with rice and ketchup, then dinner some times I have pizza or bread but some times we don't have time to eat dinner. We do have a freezer but I haven't read the recipes you sent yet.
I don't really drink juice, I usually cook breakfast and dinner then one of the Filipinos cook for all of us during lunch.

I don't have time to send pictures but I will give them to you next week.

I am getting along just fine with my companion.

This is a picture we got from the Talagtag family via Facebook. Elder Driggs and his companion Elder Leishman.  The Talagtag family are members from the ward where the Elders attend.

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