Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 19 - March 6, 2016

Last week we had 3 investigators said that all the churches are true. So, we taught them how we can gain eternal life through the gospel and that we can be cleansed from sin through the atonement and how God, Jesus, and the holy ghost are three separate beings. But because they can't distinguish them selves between which church is true they decide to go to their other church that they have being a member for all their life and in order for them to get baptized they have to come to church four Sundays in a row. 

So we are still trying our best for these people to come unto christ and I know that when we put 100% effort we will be blessed and some times it is  discouriging that these people are having a hard time gaining a testimony of our church. But through faith in Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon we can become humble and I know this church is true and that the atonement is true.

We traveled to a province area called Wawa, Montalban Rizal for our p-day and I only got back an hour ago so its later than when I usually email you.  There are rivers, bamboo, cattle, rice fields you should look it up its really pretty.

I live in the "Corinthians Villas", there are 4 missionaries living in  the apartment.

It is great to know that the P.G. Wrestling team took State again.  But the picture you sent was crooked can you send it again maybe later?

Yeah some times here in the Philippines I feel like I'm in Mexico or South America. Do they have bamboo in Mexico and South America?

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