Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 44 - September 4th 2016

This week we have being busy preparing brother Papa for baptism he is our only progressing investigator and he has quit drinking and smoking then we are working a lot with members and I am learning a lot from them they are RMs. 

Also we had a Less Active family that finally came to church after several years. 

My mission president visited our apartment and was with us for our studies with his wife. But he heard that his car trunk was open so he checked it and nothing was stollen it just came open so he went back and ran in to one of our neighbors who had a question, the neighbor said who is Zenif? Then my mission president started talking to him about Zenif like a Collage professor would but he also made it real playing and they were talking. Who new the Mission President would give you referrals from an oym? And my President doesn't even know Tagalog. But we ended up visiting the referral the next day and he was completely different then from how he presented himself to president, all he wanted to do to us is bible bash. 
So although that didn't turn out as we wanted to we will find someone else who is interested in our message.

I'm good our area is sort of hard but thats okay we always have a member present to teach with us,

Sort of but thats least of our worries we're having Elder Smuchz visiting our mission a Seventy and he 
might visit our aprtments because our zone is in the mission offfice and so he might visit some apartments in our zone.

Was your apartment clean when the Mission President came?

Our apartment is really clean, its small, there is only room for 2 elders

Are you going places during P-days?
Our mission is small and doesnt have a whole lot, we just have a zoo and a water fall to go to that is it, It is forbidden to go to SM Fair View Mall to go bowlling.

No we can't go to that particular Mall, the biggest Mall in our mission is off limits exept for 2 zones and my zone is one of them where we can go to SM

I need to go Mom,

I Love you,

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