Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 43 - August 28, 2016

Transfers came, I have a new comp he is filipino and he is almost as tall as me.

Still so many less actives that don't want to go to church

Its hard leading such a big area

It rains a lot of course.

We are planing to have a baptism sept. 10

So, yeah, things are going good here.

Investigators are good we are having baptism on the 10.

I asked what he wants for Christmas?
I don't want anything for Christmas, I just want some food maybe.

My comp has being here for 1 year and 5 months.

Are you eating well?
Yeah I eat rice every day and soimai 
no they doint really have that stuff the Philippines doesn't have as much resources

Are you having vegetables?
Yeah, I am good

 Do not be afraid to use your Priesthood to do the Lord’s work. Don’t underestimate the power you hold. I was just reading President Monson’s talk from the Priesthood Session last April, “A Sacred Trust”:

This precious gift of priesthood power brings with it not only solemn responsibilities but also special blessings for ourselves and for others. May we, in whatever place we may find ourselves, always be worthy to call upon its power, for we never know when our need and our opportunity to do so may come.

During World War II, a friend of mine was serving in the South Pacific when his plane was shot down over the ocean. He and the other crew members successfully parachuted from the burning plane, inflated their life rafts, and clung to those rafts for three days.

On the third day they spotted what they knew to be a rescue vessel. It passed them by. The next morning it passed them by again. They began to despair as they realized that this was the last day the rescue vessel would be in the area.

Then the Holy Spirit spoke to my friend: “You have the priesthood. Command the rescuers to pick you up.”

He did as prompted: “In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the priesthood, turn about and pick us up.”

Within a few minutes the vessel was beside them, helping them on deck. A faithful and worthy bearer of the priesthood, in his extremity, had exercised that priesthood, blessing his life and the lives of others.

May we determine, here and now, ever to be prepared for our time of need, our time of service, our time of blessing.

You have THAT power to make things happen in the Lord’s work, in accordance with His will. Stay close to Him, listen to the Spirit, and you will be inspired to use the Priesthood when appropriate. 

Again we love you, and hope you are doing well. Please tell us more about what you’re doing and how you are.



Hey i just watched that talk just barely. Well that is good that you are feeling better. Well we just are having the baptism on sept. 10. 
My area is really hard we have a lot of less actives who don't want to go to church they are so stubborn they have excuses after excuses and that is not fair, they are forgetting their baptismal covenants and they aren't listening to us. 
Yeah, also Duterte is planing on drawing from the UN but he really doesn't tolerate drugs. He wants to change the Phillipines. Also something interesting Duterte also has a Book of Mormon that a missionary gave him a while back and I think that missionary is a Mission President now and yeah they know each other.

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