Saturday, September 17, 2016

Week 45 - September 12, 2016

This week we Baptised Brother Pepito! 

I cooked pancakes for the first time and also we ended up finding and oyming a lot 

I realized I have about a year left, thats crazy, time is flying. 

We went to the third floor of an apartment complex and we were waiting to teach these less actives and they have a coconut tree hanging over the fence right in front of their yard and it all of a sudden it got windy and a coconut fell off of the tree and it landed a little more than a foot away from me!

Things I learned:

Virtue originates in your innermost thoughts and desires, it is a pattern of thought and behavior

The snake is evil and venomous and dangerous, right? Well the snake is supposed to represent
the Savior.  Moses turned a cane into a snake and also when he went with the people there were two different snakes. If they looked back at the snakes behind them they would die, but if they looked up at the snake in front of them they will not die.  But Satan wants to deceive us and trick us in thinking that he represents the snake that how he deceives us like that.

I also want the mosquito bug bite prevention thing that you always give me. Also, I would like just a whole lot of fruit apricots, yogurt raisins, doritos and stuff.

The temple is closed until november but mabye he can come to our mission tour this Thursday in the mission office in the morning.

Hey wasn't there a huge flooding in Louisana?

I love you guys, thank you.

The last 2 weeks we got worried about Elder Driggs no eating well.  Here is what happened the next day, Monday in the USA.
Tender Mercies
This morning I sent an email to some friends in the other side of the world where my son is serving his mission with the request to buy some food for my Elder as he is in an area with small places to buy groceries and are not allowed to go shopping in the Mall anymore he has not been eating well. Tonight, I received an email from my friends saying that they felt last Saturday the need to buy some food for my son and his companion as Christmas in the Philippines starts its celebrations in September. They prepared a package with pretty much the same food that I listed for Elder Driggs and it was already sent to the Mission's office before they even got my email!. I am thankful for having friends that live their life with integrity and obedience so they can hear the whispers of the spirit.

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