Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 10 - January 1st, 2016

New Years was crazy!

First, everybody in our ward gave us FOOD for dinner !! Like 6 ice cream containers of spaghetti also 6 sticks of ube, 2 more ice cream tubs of rice and several plastic containers of dessert. Then, in the afternoon we had 3 lunch appointments. 

Then after it got dark the fireworks started and the fireworks here sound like guns. Literately everybody in the town was launching fireworks. Ten minutes before midnight there were so many fireworks that we had to get umbrellas for all of the firework ash. Every time a firework was launched a car alarm went off. 

So how are you guys doing? Kumusta po kayo? 

Kumusta pagbabasa mo ang Aklat ni Mormon? Ingat po! (how is your reading in the book of mormon?) (take care!)

This is a picture from the Christmas Conference with the Mission President and wife.  
They have to do it in 2 groups as there were no place that will accommodate 228 missionaries!

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