Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 13 - January 25th, 2016

I have stayed in this area for one transfer now. 

So my goal 6 weeks ago was how to budget my money and also to be on time to studies. Now, I spend half the amount of money on groceries and I wake up at exactly 6:30 am

Its not easy sticking to your goals. Several times I slept in. And thats hard when your neighbors have lousy chickens that wake you up at 4:00 in the morning. But this is the Lords time and even when you are tired you can't afford to waist his time after everything he has done for you. So during this transfer I challenge you to endure to the end!!!!

My area hasn't had a whole lot of investigators, Just being teaching LA's. But this new area I want to improve my oyming skills and also to learn where people live. Because during exchanges I had to lead the area and we got lost. 

How are you guys back home? Is it snowing? 

All we have here is hot humid weather. We also have big cockroaches, rats, mice, (not computer mice) lots of stray dogs that look like they haven't eaten in weeks and the are also as dirty as a mop, and we have lots of those as well as stray cats and kittens which are found in the same condition of dogs. 

So far I had squid and Balut. On Saturday during exchanges my companion wanted me to try chicken feet but there wasn't any shop that had some. We are getting transferred to the other area in the ward and it is 10 times more dirty. Also the flies here don't give you your personal space same with mosquitoes, also just today we found worms in our garbage. 

We used to have lots of investigators in our area but since none of them were progressing we had to drop like half of them so it only got shortened down to three. We had investigator J a 17yr old who is living with her sister who is 35. And so J sisters husband lives in Chicago. Missionaries have being teaching them for seven months now and they really want to get baptized but the husband who lives in Chicago doesn't want them to get baptized so our only focus is J because she is the only one who can get baptized. Also we have A who has a baptismal date in several weeks and she is progressing. And her cousin who lives with her is an active member. But since we are transferring we can't teach anybody in our area any more so it is up to the new missionaries to teach them.

Last week we went bowling with the missionaries.

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