Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week 12 - January 18, 2016

So I have being out in the field for 1 month and so far It is good. 

We went bowling today for a district activity. 

These past sundays we had a problem with investigators not attending sacrament meeting and we also had problems with the Word of Wisdom and this has being going on for the past weeks.  Also it is hard to oym when both of us can't speak any Tagalog. 

This past sunday at sacrament meeting we had 3 investigators show up and we are baptizing Investigators next month. Now that Tagalog part is getting there but still a work in progress because both of us have being out in the field less than 5 months. 

So yeah we went bowling today at a massive SM store in Fairview the malls here are owned by one company SM but inside you also have other different stores. So imagine a mall that is owned by Walmart and inside you have regular outlets and then also inside you have a big Walmart ware house included with the other stores that like how big the place was.

Kumusta po kayo? Kumusta araw po kayo? Ingat!! (how are you?) (how is your day?) (take care?)
Ian's headquarters in the Valenzuela District

Manila Temple - Zone Conference January 17

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