Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 46 - September 19, 2016

My week

We have a new RC

Also we had Elder Schmutz visit our mission from the Seventy

Work is hard here, it is a city and the people act differently.

We have Stake Conference and it was hard proselyting because our members were at Stake Conference we are only allowed to go to Sunday session.

I spent our whole p-day moving apartments that's why I am sending this pretty late and I am tired and I wish have more to say but what is going on in my mind is that I am tired.  

But I love my new apartment, it is just like an apartment back home in America.

Hey you can go to bed if you want I am tired, I just moved apartments, not a lof of stuff happened this week.  

I got the package from Daniel and Veronica, I wasn't really expecting a package but, Thank you.  

Love you

It is all right mom, I will be here next week.

I am in Bagong Silang 2 Branch in Caloocan Camarin

I have air conditioning!

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