Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week 2, November 18th

Hey, Cumasta po kayo!?(how are you doing?) Maganda Umaga (good morning?) 

I have being here at the MTC for 2 weeks now and its being really fun.

The food is great most of the time, today I went to the Manila Temple and it was awesome and tiny about 2x smaller than the ones we have at home. 

I am friends with every one in my Batch, they are awesome. 

We have mini bananas here, its really weird but good. 

Yesterday, on the 18th it was pouring rain like rain you have never experienced. 

I brought my exercise bands and ab wheel and I am the only one in the district who brought exercise equipment. So everyday before I go to bed I exercise and it has gotten so popular that the whole district does it with me, and after every meal I do thirty pull ups on the pull up bar. 

We have these mini rooms at the MTC where we teach simulated investigators. Last week I only had one I had to teach and we finally baptized him. But this week we have two Jr. Opido, and Ronella. Every week the Investigators become harder to baptize. 

Last p-day I went to Rossins a mini mart and I bought some hand lotion. The prices are decent 44 pesos equal 1 dollar and the lotion cost 50 pesos. But if you go outside of the city then things can be cheaper there. 

There are a ton of stray dogs in the city, its sad, I've never seen a whole bunch of stray dogs before. Some of them even have bite marks and missing hair. 

Well. Salama Po!(Thank You) and see you next week

1/24/2016 I added a picture of  Genevieve Trujillo Task and President Richard Task
President of the MTC Philippines.

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