Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week 3, November 26th Thanksgiving.

For Thanksgiving dinner we had hamburgu with fries

I am getting everybody to exercise with me I do 120 push up's and I do 30 pull ups after every meal. 

Two days ago there was a massive fire about 2 miles away, it was at a hotel that had poor fire equipment, it killed 75 and 10 injured. some of the missionaries went tracking and they helped some inactive members move their stuff for evacuation. 

Maganda Umaga dimpo (good morning?) Comaesta po kayo (how are you doing?) 
manly my tagalog is based on gospel messages and greetings

So, I am halfway finished with my MTC training 3 more weeks until Im out to the field! 
Next week on Tuesday we go tracking with the field missionaries 

Every week we switch p-days today my p-day is on Friday, today, next week it will be on Thursday and so on.

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