Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 7 - December 16, 2015

This week Ian left the MTC on Wednesday and reported to his mission President Sister and brother Kim Bertin.

Is going to be a long week before we hear from him as his next P-day will be on Monday December 21st. But... on the 25th we get to Skype with him!!! Yeah.

Here are some pictures sent by his Mission President, one of the pics includes his companion, Elder Leishman.

Missionaries arriving to the Quezon City North Mission.

President and Sister Bertin

Elder Driggs and Elder Leishman

We have been very concern about Typhoon Nona which started about 3 days before Ian transferred from the MTC to the mission home.  The MTC and Mission Presidents reported in Facebook that all the missionaries were in safe places, then, the Typhoon moved south of Manila so it only brought some showers and light storm to the Manila/Quezon area.  

We won't know where was Ian assigned to serve until next Monday and how was his experience dealing with the Typhoon.  It looks like the worst devastation was about 112 miles south from his mission area.

  Whatever he had to do we know he is in the right place doing what he is supposed to do under the guidance of Pte. Bertin.

Here is the latest report about Typhoon Nona.

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