Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 5 - December 2, 2015

Yesterday I went proselyting for the first time, Proselyting is where you work with in field missionaries and you go around with them teaching lessons and tracking. I had a temporary companion he was from Tahiti and his main language is French but when he was at the MTC 1 year ago he learned Tagalog and English. So we had a planed schedule for sister D. (inactive member) but she wasn't there. So we just went tracking for the rest of the time. I handed out a card and bared my testimony in Tagalog. 

There are so many stray dogs over in the streets and they are dogs you don't want to pet, they are all skinny and dirty. 

I feel super tall over here like twice my size, even the showers are small. So yesterday was the first time I rode in a Jeepney. Its the bus thingys we have up here I even felt really large sitting in a Jeepney. An American my size would take up a space of 2 Filipinos.

And since yesterday all the Sr. Batch missionaries and Asian Missionaries left It was sad to see the Sr. Batch go they were with us for a good 4 weeks. So just our Sr. batch of 8 people and the baby batch with 4 people, were the only guys in the whole MTC. So gym time today was really small. 

I started trading ties I still have Chance's tie I wont trade that. I traded ties with these guys from Cambodia (look up a Cambodian tie online they are way cool!!) and the gave me a Cambodian tie!! We have so many different variety of fruit here like our oranges or like a dark orange and are sweeter also we have mangos and fried bananas and mini bananas that are like half the size of the bananas we have back in Utah!! maseraep! delicious! also we have yellow water Mellon, Pineapple, and many other stuff. 

One of the field missionaries was telling me that its hard to go tracking around 2:00pm because thats the time of this very popular tv show and everybody gets on and watches it. LIKE EVERYBODY. So I have 2 week left here at the MTC, I love you guys thank you!

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